EPA Food Recovery Challenge

fd_reccvry_hierachy_363pxwThe Food Rescue Partnership works to educate and advocate about food recovery. When we got started, the emphasis on the second tier of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Food Recovery Hierarchy – Feed Hungry People – was chosen as our focus.

So it was a natural fit to become an endorser for the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge in August 2016.

As an endorser, the Food Rescue Partnership assists the EPA by providing resources to others about reducing their food waste. Those that prevent and divert wasted food in their operations can become participants in the challenge.

About the Challenge

In September 2015, the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the first-ever domestic goal to reduce food loss and waste by half by the year 2030!

As a means to reach this ambitious goal, the EPA is working hard to promote the Food Recovery Challenge, a program that supports organizations to rethink business as usual.  Through the Food Recovery Challenge businesses and organizations are learning to purchase less and divert surplus food away from landfills to non-profit hunger-relief organizations and to composting. Benefits of joining the challenge include:

  • improving your bottom line through cost savings from reduced purchasing and waste disposal fees;
  • supporting your community by using surplus food to feed people, not landfills;
  • reducing effects of climate change by shrinking your environmental footprint;
  • taking advantage of the EPA’s technical assistance and resources; and
  • receiving recognition for your achievements.

Participant vs. Endorser

The FRC has two categories: participants and endorsers. Participants prevent and divert wasted food in their operations following the Food Recovery Hierarchy. Endorsers promote sustainable management of food by educating organizations and businesses as well as recruiting organizations and businesses to join the FRC.

Participants and endorsers include groups such as grocers, educational institutions, restaurants, faith organizations, sports and entertainment venues, and hospitality businesses. Learn more about becoming a participant or endorser for the EPA Food Recovery Challenge here.