If you are interested in learning more about food rescue, please contact us!  We would love to provide you a free food rescue resource kit and discuss strategies.

2018 Food Rescue Workshop

The keynote presentation at the workshop was led by the head chef from Baked Beer and Bread Co.

The Food Rescue Partnership hosted its second Food Rescue Workshop on October 4, 2018, at the Freight House in Davenport, IA.

The Workshop covered food waste problems and efforts at a local and regional level, along with a panel discussion highlighting food rescue successes from The Adler Theater/River Center, Panera Bread of Iowa, and Augustana College.  The keynote speaker from Baked Beer & Bread Co. discussed strategies to monitor food purchasing and controlling waste by utilizing food to maximum use, as well as through donation to local non-profit organizations, all while sharing how to engage and motivate staff in food rescue efforts.  All attendees received a food rescue resource kit which included the FRP’s Resource Guide on Food Rescue, a food waste tracking log, as well as materials provided by the sponsors.

Thank you to all of the attendees for joining the FRP at the workshop and to our sponsors – Davenport Riverfront Improvement Commission, Iowa Waste Exchange, Iowa Waste Reduction Center, Quad City Bank & Trust, River Bend Foodbank, River Music Experience, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Region 7, and the Waste Commission of Scott County.

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2015 Food Rescue Workshop

The first Food Rescue Workshop was held in 2015.On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, individuals from a variety of backgrounds met at the Quad Cities Food Hub to learn about and discuss food rescue.  The 2015 Food Rescue Workshop was the inaugural Food Rescue Partnership event.  Several organizations across Iowa taught food establishments how to get started, explained how to develop policies and procedures, shared ideas to motivate staff, informed leaders where to donate, and provided a food rescue resource kit.  A panel discussion provided an overview of food donation partnerships between Outback Steakhouse and Kings Harvest and Ross’ Restaurant with Sacred Heart and Café on Vine.