Welcome to the Food Rescue Partnership – a Quad Cities coalition that promotes rescuing food for its best possible use.

Food Availability in the Quad Cities

Food Accessibility Map of the Quad CitiesOne of the problems for those in need of food is availability. The FRP worked with Augustana College to map out this problem. To the right is just a snapshot, but click the image and to navigate the interactive map to see where food is available and where food deserts exist.

Why Food Rescue?

Because in America, 40% of all the food produced is not consumed annually. It gets thrown away, even though in our area alone, 8.7% of Scott County and 11.6% of Rock Island County residents are food insecure. Hunger does not affect one type of person or one geographic location. Young or old. Rural or urban. Hunger affects 1 in 8 people throughout the United States. You can learn more about food insecurity hunger through Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap project.