Our History

In 2010, the Scott County Health Department undertook the process of assessing the health needs of the community and developed a community health improvement plan for the next five years to address the top identified needs.  Promoting healthy living was identified as a top health need and increasing food access was a health improvement strategy developed to promote healthier living for the Scott County community. Food System Sectors

The Scott County Health Department collected data on 124 indicators related to the food system, and engaged local stakeholders and community partners throughout the Quad Cities to serve as a Food Rescue Partnership.

A food system is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture as “food production, process, distribution and consumption to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a participate place.”  The Food Rescue Partnership then selected one indicator to address through a community action plan.  The “Percentage of food waste (industrial/commercial)” indicator was selected.


The Food Rescue Partnership is a Quad Cities coalition that promotes rescuing food for its best possible use.


Quad Cities – a community dedicated to eliminating food waste.

Core Values

Collaboration – Facilitate active partnerships to build a strong, well-connected food rescue network.
Education – Utilize effective communication to promote best practices for food rescue in the community.
Community – Cultivate a continually growing group and diverse network of partners effectively engaged in food rescue.
Safety – Prioritize safety throughout the entire food rescue process from donor to destination.