The Scott County Health Department engaged local stakeholders throughout the community to serve as a Food Rescue Partnership (FRP).  Scott County collected data on 124 indicators related to the food system.

The FRP selected one indicator to address through a communityFood Recovery Hierarchy action plan.  The “Percentage of food waste (industrial/commercial)” indicator was selected. Using the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy as a guide, the FRP then selected the highly preferred approach, Feed Hungry People.

Some foods appear less attractive; yet could still be safe, edible, and nutritious food for people living in hunger.  To encourage the donation and distribution of wholesale food and protect donors, Public Law 104-210, also known as the Good Samaritan Act, was signed into congress in 1996.  That’s right. Your donation of good-to-eat food can’t get you into trouble.


The Food Rescue Partnership is a Quad Cities coalition that promotes rescuing food for its best possible use.


Quad Cities – a community dedicated to eliminating food waste.

Core Values

Collaboration – Facilitate active partnerships to increase food rescue.

Communication – Practice and maintain clear communication with all in order to connect and educate.

Community – Cultivate a continually growing group of partners effectively engaged in food rescue.

Resourcefulness – Innovate to adapt proactively and develop solutions to ensure the best use of stakeholders’ resources.

Safety – Prioritize safety for our donors, recipients, and volunteers during the entire food rescue process.