Get Involved

Did you know that 40% of food in the United States is thrown away?  With hunger as prevalent as it is, food should remain a valuable resource.  With the help of many organizations and community members, the Food Rescue Partnership (FRP) is committed to making a difference.  And we want your help!

  • Stakeholders are committed to supporting and achieving the mission and goals of the FRP, attend regular meetings, and are given voting rights by the FRP Board.
  • Community Partners support the mission of the FRP by assisting with resources and technical assistance, yet do not commit to the expectation to attend FRP meetings.
  • Friends of the FRP are passionate about the FRP mission and want to stay informed on current FRP activities, yet not fully commit to the expectation to attend FRP meetings.
  • Members of Food Rescue are professional food establishments that are recognized for their exemplary food rescue efforts! Learn more and apply here.

Whether you have questions or already know you want to join, email and we will be in touch!