Member in Food Rescue Promotional Guide

Congratulations! You are now a Member of Food Rescue. Your efforts are propelling the Food Rescue Partnership to meet its vision to make the Quad Cities a community dedicated to eliminating food waste.

Ways You Can Share Your Involvement

Popcorn Charlie & Company proudly displays their Member in Food Rescue certificate behind the register.
  1. Hang the certificate in your establishment so customers can see it.
  2. Put the window cling on your door, drive-up window, etc.
  3. Make sure your staff knows you’re a Member in Food Rescue so they can help spread the word.
  4. Share the news on your website.
    • If you have a blog or newsfeed, add a post about what food you rescue, where it goes, and why you got started with food rescue in the first place.
    • Download the Badge file and upload it to your website.
      • Badge file is available in a downloadable folder by emailing
      • Need different dimensions? Email the dimensions you need and we’ll get a new file sent over.
  5. Share the news on your social media pages.
    • Download social media graphics for all of your networks.
      • Files are available in a downloadable folder by emailing
      • On Facebook, be sure to tag the Food Rescue Partnership – @foodrescueqc.
      • Include #foodrescueqc in all of your posts.