Food Rescue Partnership Stakeholders nominate and elect Board members to oversee the continued efforts and mission of the FRP.

FRP Board - Bridge 4


Pete Vogel

Pete Vogel is a lifelong resident of the Quad Cities and worked in IT for John Deere for 39-1/2 years as an Analyst, Project Manager, Knowledge Management Lead and Change Champion before retiring.  His work with food rescue continues his family legacy as his father – Bud Vogel – founded River Bend Foodbank and served as its Chairman of the Board for over 30 years.  The Food Rescue Partnership allows Pete to pursue his passion for feeding the hungry and leverage his years of life experience and work in the Quad Cities community.  Pete has a Bachelor’s degree from Marycrest College and a Masters of Education Degree from the University of Illinois. After retirement, he earned his Master Gardener Certification and now extends his hunger relief work by coordinating the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” program at the local University of Illinois Extension.

You can hear more about the Vogel family’s background in QC food rescue in the first episode of the Middle of Somewhere podcast.


Christina McDonough

Christina McDonough works at the Scott County Health Department (SCHD) and has been involved with the Food Rescue Partnership since it’s onset in 2013.  The SCHD collected data on 124 food system indicators and convened Stakeholders to narrow the focus to the “% of food waste (industrial/commercial)” indicator.  Each year, Christina helps the Food Rescue Partnership establish a community action plan to promote rescuing food for its best possible use.  Christina is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where she majored in Health Promotion and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.  Her passion for food rescue has carried over into her personal life, where her kids love “left-overs night” when they can put any combination of food together for dinner!


Kristin's Headshot
Kristin Bogdonas

Kristin Bogdonas is the Nutrition & Wellness Educator for University of Illinois Extension- Unit 7, serving Henry, Mercer, Rock Island and Stark Counties. Program priorities include chronic disease prevention, food access, food safety/preservation, and healthy lifestyles. Kristin got involved with the FRP in the fall of 2017 as she began her work with food rescue in schools for the ABCs of School Nutrition Grant. She incorporates aspects of food rescue into her current programming and encourages creative uses for food scraps and leftovers in an effort to divert that food from the landfill. Check availability of Food Rescue at Home programs at the Extension office in Milan, IL. Kristin earned her Bachelor’s in Nutrition & Dietetics from Illinois State University and a Master of Public Health from Southern Illinois University. She enjoys hiking, gardening, exploring new places and all things food!


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Larry Linnenbrink

Larry Linnenbrink worked at the Scott County Health Department for 44 years as an environmental health specialist and environmental health coordinator before retiring in 2015.  He became interested in the Food Rescue Partnership after attending an Iowa Environmental Health Conference where there was a session he attended on Food Rescue Initiatives at the University of Northern Iowa. He has been involved with the Food Rescue Partnership since then, and now serves as a community member. His interest is in seeing food rescued and delivered to those individuals who are food insecure.


Past Board Members

Lindsey Adams, Outback Steakhouse – Vice-Chair (2015-2016) – Read Inaugural Member in Food Rescue: Outback Steakhouse to learn more about Lindsey’s food rescue efforts.

Lea Hensel, Iowa Waste Reduction Center – Vice-Chair (2016-2017)

Liz Hogan Wells, Community Member – Vice-Chair (2017-2018)

Mike Miller, River Bend Foodbank – Treasurer (2015-2018)