Food Rescue Recognition Program

Do you donate excess food to a local non-profit hunger relief agency and/or farmer?

The Food Rescue Partnership wants to recognize your efforts! As a Member of Food Rescue, you’ll be part of a program that recognizes businesses and organizations throughout the Quad Cities for their exemplary food rescue efforts. We want to let everyone know about the work you’re doing to reduce food waste in our community.

Why Participate?

Click here to download the Member in Food Rescue and Good Samaritan Act handout.

You likely already donate because you don’t like seeing food go to waste and don’t feel the need for recognition. But the Food Rescue Partnership wants to let everyone in the Quad Cities know about the many great businesses and organizations that rescue food on a regular basis!

As a Member of Food Rescue, your business or organization will be listed among other great Quad Cities businesses’ on the Members of Food Rescue page! Additionally, you will receive a certificate and window cling to proudly display. The Food Rescue Partnership will then showcase your business or organization through our Facebook page, our blog, and press releases that will be sent out periodically.

There is no charge to be part of this program. All you have to do is apply!

How to Become a Member of Food Rescue

  1. Submit your business for consideration through one of the following ways.
    • Click here for an online form
    • Click here for a downloadable PDF form
  2. There is no step 2. That’s all you need to do!

Once you submit the form, someone from the Food Rescue Partnership will be in touch regarding your status.