2021 Year in Review

Dear Food Rescue Partnership Stakeholders and Friends,

I would like to reflect on the last year and what is to come for the Food Rescue Partnership. 

In 2021, we welcomed an input analysis and strategic planning sessions to re-evaluate our mission, vision, core value statements, and goals.  I’m proud that our vision for the Quad Cities to be a community dedicated to eliminating food waste and our mission to promote rescuing food for its best possible use stood the test of time.  FRP Stakeholders did a fantastic job revamping our core value statements.

  • Collaboration – Facilitate active partnership to build a strong, well-connected food rescue network.
  • Education – Utilize effective communication to promote best practices for food rescue in the community.
  • Community – Cultivate a continually growing and diverse network of partners effectively engaged in food rescue.
  • Safety – Prioritize safety throughout the entire food rescue process from donor to destination. 

We recognized longtime Board Chair, Pete Vogel for his outstanding service, inspiring leadership, and continuous support to go above and beyond to ensure that food is not wasted, but kept as the amazing resource it is.  Since joining the Food Rescue Partnership in January 2015, Pete educated more than 660 people about food rescue and personally ensured more than 767 pounds of food was rescued!

To date, the Food Rescue Partnership has diverted more than 53,713 pounds of food from the landfill by making connections to feed hungry people, feed animals, and/or compost. 

Ringing in 2022, I look forward to our planning session on February 1st to reconnect in-person and learn how food waste trends have changed during the COVID pandemic and the value of offering a personalized, healthy, food pantry service.  Our planning session will help us prepare for the fourth Food Rescue Workshop.

The Food Rescue Partnership is driven by caring and motivated stakeholders and community partners.  Most importantly, the Food Rescue Partnership is a team of great people.  On behalf of myself and the Food Rescue Partnership Board, thank you.

Happy New Year,

Christina McDonough, Board Chair

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