FRP Awarded 2020 Food Recovery Challenge National Award

For the third year in a row, the Food Rescue Partnership has won a Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) Award!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presents the awards each year.  “The EPA Food Recovery Challenge Award winners demonstrate how preventing food waste and diverting excess wholesome food away from landfills and to people is important for the environment and communities,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan in the official announcement from the EPA.  “Their accomplishments serve as excellent examples to other companies, governments, organizations and communities, particularly because food is the single largest category of waste.”

EPA Food Recovery Challenge National Badge

“The Food Rescue Partnership educates local food establishments about food recovery. So it was a natural fit to become part of the FRC,” said FRP Board Chair Christina McDonough.  Some of the activities that helped earn this award for the FRP include:

The Food Rescue Partnership is one of 18 innovative businesses and organizations that are being recognized by the U.S. EPA at a national level for work completed in 2020 and 2021.  “It’s always an honor for the Food Rescue Partnership to be recognized by the U.S. EPA,” said FRP Board Chair Christina McDonough.  “This is the first time our Quad Cities’ coalition earned national recognition”.  The majority of FRP activities and materials have been provided through volunteerism, in-kind donations, or grants from stakeholders and community partners.  FRP stakeholders continually strategize new and unique opportunities to highlight its Members in Food Rescue and spread the food recovery message.

“This recognition is possible by the hard work and commitment of our stakeholders and community partners,” said McDonough.  “Together, we are making the Quad Cities a community dedicated to eliminating food waste.”

Learn more and check out the other national award winners at EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge Awardees Showcase Ways to Tackle Largest Category of Waste in Landfills.

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